This elderly man is living proof that his inner youth still exists when he listens to Metallica! Metallica has all types of fans and there is definitely no age limit (unless curse words are present) with those fans.

At first you may think it's a sneak peek clip of Jacka** featuring Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O but you're wrong. This is actual footage another driver on the road happened to catch when he pulled up next to this elderly man. Either he played the drums when he was younger or practices the air drums every drive he takes. His drumming is spot on to Metallica's drumming as he head bangs and pounds his steering wheel. Whoever gets to call this man Grandpa, dad, brother even friend are the luckiest people alive.

I am sure you're hoping just as much as I am that we can still be rocking out like this dude at that age!

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