If people get lyrics tattooed on them it wouldn’t surprise me if they have lyrics above their beds. If you’ve been wanting to add some pizazz to your bedroom this idea isn’t so bad. Now you can show off your favorite lyrics without having to tattoo them on your body. Going to bed with a smile on your face is never a bad thing. This is why some people have their favorite lyrics posted right above where they sleep. Going to bed seeing your favorite lyrics right above you can instantly change your mood in no time. Take it from me, it really does make a difference. Now I remember a friend of mine who had their favorite lyrics on the ceiling directly above the bed. As his chick friend, I had given him props for being brave enough to share the lyrics he chose to have above his bed.

You can already imagine someone else’s imagination and what kind of lyrics they would put above their bed. Then, it dawned on me, imagine as soon as the lights go out Bam! You get a secret message when the room gets dark. If I played along, my choice of lyrics would need to be in glow-in-the-dark lettering. I won’t mention what exact lyrics I would have above my bed but will mention they’re from “Beauty School” by Deftones. I will let your imagination ponder about what lyrics I could put above my bed from the song above. If you let your imagination run wild, feel free to share what kind of lyrics you would have above your bed in the poll below. Now, anything goes when you're listening to Deftones who's especially loved by many for their music.

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