This special kind of lawn mower could be useful for some folks that have really tall bushes that need trimming! This man Clay Taylor must have had the phrase "when pigs fly" on his brain with his creation.

Clay was able to show off his creation at a special attraction at the club's Warbirds At The Summit Fly-In. Dad Hav published Clay as he do his thing in the spotlight for all to see this unbelievable sight. The camera focuses on the lawn mower flying high with no problems as well as Clay looking calm and relaxed. This lawn mower was doing the kind of movement you see a Jet do in the sky. I bet Clay was the dude EVERYONE wanted to be friends with in class in order to pass. Clay's family has got to be so proud of his flying lawn mower.

I believe Clay is your man to actually make it possible for pigs to actually fly!

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