It was a dream come true.

Monday night after a KILLER set from Halestorm, in a top secret location ... the partying began!

Mondays KLAQ Balloonfest concert was the last stop on Halestorms tour and it was a time for celebration.  We had a cake specially made for them (loaded with amaretto!) and some champagne to celebrate.  Then, things got weird.

First, the band had to take turns eating their own faces.

The Lzzy took a real liking to the Dubba G "biker chic" look.  Even took pictures to text, tweet, post, etc...

Think "The Dubba G" will be "the new black"??

Those guys are the BEST!  Great people, good friends and a helluva band!!  Meanwhile, Yta Von G was chillin' with her alter ego.

Wonder who did that hair color first?


Thanks everyone for getting freaky with us this year!

Next up, Streetfest 2013 and the Great River Raft Race!!

See 'ya there!!


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