There is nothing worse than getting stuck on an amusement park ride like some of our fellow El Pasoans. Over the weekend some locals went to Western Playland to have a good time. Little did they know their good time would turn into a devastating time when they rode on El Bandido.

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The El Bandido is one of El Paso's oldest roller coasters that we all remember riding since we were young. Well, some unfortunate riders experienced the scariest moment of their lives. The unlucky riders apparently got stuck mid-ride that they needed emergency assistance.

It took a team to help save each rider that was stuck on El Bandido. I bet some of those riders automatically worried because they pictured the famous Final Destination rollercoaster scene. Although, the riders didn't seem too worried since some filmed their horrible situation and sent it to The Real FitFam EP (see below).

No one ever expects to get stuck on a rollercoaster and when it happens, you're in disbelief. Clearly, we don't like to think negatively or worry about what could go wrong when we're heading to an amusement park for fun. The group that got stuck on El Bandido definitely had the ride of a lifetime this past weekend.

After this incident, it has me wondering if other El Pasoans will still be down for the ride. After watching Will Herren's video (below) sort of traumatized me about riding El Bandido in the future. Now, some people find amusement in situations like that and be tempted even more to get on that ride.

Let me know if you will continue to ride the rollercoaster at Western Playland in the future in the poll below. Granted, we don't know when our time is up which is why we should count our blessings for each day we are alive.

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