Western Playland has officially opened for the 2022 season and the question on everyone's mind? What would you do to go to Western Playland? It's the question we've always been asked, and we all know the answer: I'd eat my broccoli... yuck.

bebechiple via TikTok
bebechiple via TikTok

I know for sure many in El Paso are ready to get back on their favorite rides like Tsunami, El Bandido Roller Coaster, Paratrooper, Round up, Tilt-a Whirl, Pharaoh's Fury, Scrambler, Himalaya, and more. And sure enough, once Spring Break hit the Borderland, many stood in line to get inside Western Playland.

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These days, a trip to Western Playland is best documented by posting a selfie, or sometimes even a TikTok, of your trip to the park; but back in the day there were different ways of letting someone know that you had just visited El Paso's theme park; the bracelet and most importantly- the alien cup. That's right, the alien cup.

What is it about this alien shaped cup that we all LOVE to get at Western Playland? No trip to the park is complete without purchasing one of these! It's even extra bonus points if you get an Icee in it instead of just regular soda!

I don't fully understand why this alien cup is a staple here. I recently went to Roswell for the first time and would understand if this alien cup was all the rage over there- but somehow this cup has made itself a Western Playland regular- and a must have!


I can't recall if the cups were anything other than green, but it looks like red alien cups are the big trend this year- judging by pictures I've seen online.

I've only ever gotten the alien cup once- and now I don't even remember what happened to it after I got home- did I actually drink from it after? Did I lose it into an abyss of junk in the pantry? I don't know, I just know that out of anything you can get at Western Playland, that alien cup is the best choice. The red one looks pretty cool, but nothing beats the original green cup.

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