Good news for those looking to beat the heat this summer, a unique floating water park is just a short drive away in Ruidoso, New Mexico!

Ruidoso is already among the favorite nearby spots for El Pasoans to cool off from the desert heat, but did you know it is also home to this unique water attraction?

The Ruidoso Parks and Recreation department just announced that Wibit will make a return his summer to Grindstone Lake! And the update they shared will have you thinking of spending your entire summer there!

What is Wibit Water Park?

Wibit Water Park at Grindstone Lake is an inflatable platform made up of giant slides, towers, trampolines, ramps, and wiggle bridges. Adventurous kids of all ages can bounce, slide, climb, jump and splash in the water.

Wibit Water Parks are typically found in tourist destinations, public beaches, resorts, and aquatic centers, offering a fun and interactive experience for visitors of all ages. They are designed to be safe, with rigorous safety standards and supervision often provided by trained lifeguards.

Wibit Water Park to Open in Ruidoso, New Mexico
Ruidoso Parks and Recreation

Wibit will officially open for summer at Grindestone Lake in Ruidoso, New Mexico on May 25th and the fee will be $25.

Where is Ruidoso, New Mexico?

Ruidoso is situated in the south-central part of New Mexico, nestled in the Lincoln National Forest. The area is characterized by its alpine environment, with lush forests, clear streams, and impressive mountain views. The elevation ranges from 6,920 feet in the village to over 12,000 feet at the peak of Sierra Blanca, which provides a cool climate and ample opportunities for outdoor activities. You can get more info, and find out about more summer activities in Ruidoso, here.

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