There's a problem of lost & stray animals in El Paso, Texas; that's why many amazing people have started organizations to help get rid of these problems & give lost animals a good home. I love animals but I also know I don't have room of EVERY single dog or cat out there. Thankfully there are many places that you can find online that want to help find sheltered dogs & cats to loving families.

Rescue Runners

The Rescue Runners of El Paso is a nonprofit organization that specializes in helping give shelter dogs a chance to get exercise out of their shelters. They deserve a chance to get some fresh air too.

Animal Rescue League of El Paso

The Animal Rescue League of El Paso shelter is located at 7256 La Junta in Cauntillo; they help take in stray, abandoned or orphaned animals.

Bridge Pups Rescue

Bridge Pups Rescue is a group to help people & pets that are crossing the El Paso/Juarez border reunite with those who have been left behind, or find new/safe homes.

Law N Paws Animal Rescue

The Law N Paws organization was founded in 2017 by the former El Paso Chief of Police, Gregory Allen, to protect the pets who were victims of abuse, abandonment & neglect. They have saved over 500 lives and they plan on saving a ton more...

Of course there's the Humane Society of El Paso & the El Paso Animal Services

Yes these are by far the 2 biggest animal shelters in El Paso; both of which are extremely committed to helping lost animals have shelter before they can find great homes. Both are located on Fred Wilson; the El Paso Animal Services is located at 5001 Fred Wilson & the Humane Society of El Paso at 4991 Fred Wilson.

There are many other groups that want to help those in El Paso like the 2 Rivers Dog Rescue, the Mutt Love Dog Rescue, & Luna's Fosters Rescue.

I know there are several animals that need good homes so if you're looking for a loving pet, there are several out there waiting for you.

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