El Paso is loaded with haunted sites, places and buildings. If you'd like to branch out a bit with your ghost hunting, Deming is an easy drive from the 915.

There are many ghostly hot spots all over the borderland. Haunted areas in some of El Paso's smaller neighbors, (some only an hour or even less away), may not be as well known but are totally worth visiting.

These areas may not be "big" cities but they share El Paso's dark history of violence, disaster, illness and more.

Deming, New Mexico, is about a 90 minute drive from El Paso. Just hop on I-10 and head west.  Deming was founded in 1881 when the 2nd Trans Continental railroad was completed there with a silver spike.

There is plenty of history there and some of its residents don't want to leave. Here are a couple of examples ...

Holy Cross Sanitorium

Holy Cross was built to care for tuberculosis patients. It closed in the 30's and a fire destroyed most of it in the 80's. At one point, a group of Satanists used it for rituals and sacrifices. Vandals once damaged the cemetery and all died within a year. A couple who inscribed their names on its walls died on their way home ... a fate said to await anyone else who wrote on the walls. The last building has been demolished but the cemetery remains and who knows how many tunnels.

The Adobe Deli.

It's a little off the beaten track but well worth a visit. Grab a tasty lunch then look around at all kinds of interesting ... "stuff" ... and see if you can spot any ghosts. It is said to be one of the most haunted spots in NM.

Even The Schools Are Haunted - Memorial Elementary

Here, lights flicker and shadow figures walk the halls. In addition, two ghostly young girls have been seen peeking into the windows. Maybe they are looking for the piano music that plays by itself in the third-grade hallway. - onlyinyourstate.com

Loads of ghostly fun that can be driven to, seen and (hopefully) safely returned from all in a day. PS: UFO sightings are also through the roof in Deming.

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