It doesn't matter if you travel to Texas, New Mexico OR Arizona, all 3 states have problems with air pollution. Some cities have more issues than others, but which ones are the worst when it comes to air pollution? Well, we know exactly which ones to be extra careful when outside.


Which cities have the highest amount of air pollution in Texas, New Mexico & Arizona?

In a recent study by the American Lung Association (ALA), they went to over 200 different cities in the entire United States. Each city was ranked based on the average of days with high ozone, how many particles of pollution were in the air for a single day & all year round.

They found that while 1 city from Arizona made their rankings, Phoenix ranked high in ALL 3 lists. There were 2 major cities from New Mexico & a whopping 5 cities from Texas found on their ozone list; one actually made 2 lists of theirs (that honor goes to Houston).

Granted they weren't THE worst cities according to the ALA; those honors all go to various cities in California like Bakersfield & Los Angeles. But it IS clear that if you live or travel in Texas, New Mexico or Arizona, you'll want to be extra careful because the air can be quite tainted with pollution.


If you want to see which cities ranked amongst the worst, we did the research for you so you can find out which ones made the cut. I'm hoping some of these cities WON'T

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