On April 26, 2024, a train carrying 3 locomotives & 97 cars heading towards Phoenix, Arizona would derail in Gallup, New Mexico. The derailment was so bad it caused Interstate 40 to be closed both ways for DAYS.

Amazingly the train crash at the New Mexico/Arizona was captured on video right when it happened

Usually when this sort of event happens, you see video of the aftermath & the clean up of the wreckage. But not this time; a car's dashboard camera managed to capture video right when the train left the tracks AND the insuring explosion that followed. You can even see just HOW CLOSE that first fireball got to the camera car, and I-40 itself.

The person who uploaded this footage, Harry Collins Photography, stated that this was his mother & father in law who caught this amazing derailment on camera.

That wasn't the only video of the train derailment either; there was another one from a truck driver that captured the massive explosive after the train crashed. It wasn't as close as the first one but after seeing how big that fireball is... thank god they WEREN'T closer to the flames!

Thankfully no one was killed. In fact, no one was INJURED in the crash, which is amazing considering the size of the fireballs that came from the crash itself.

This wasn't the first time a train would derail in either New Mexico or Arizona; but thankfully this is NOT a case that resulted in a loss of life.

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