Recently I made a stop at Dairy Queen and discovered they no longer carry Orange Julius products like they used to. Now I am not sure if this is a permanent change or if it’s only temporary. But if it was a permanent change I believe it would have been nice to have known this beforehand. After hearing about something going away and possibly never being seen again, we want one more before it’s gone. Recently I was craving an Orange Julius drink and was told they no longer carry those items. After leaving Dairy Queen (on Piedras) I had called a different location (Transmountain) and was told Dairy Queen will no longer carry Orange Julius. I must admit, that news felt like a punch in the throat. If I am feeling bummed about the news I bet some of you are also feeling the same. If you’re ever in the mood for an Orange Julius drink, you can still get your fix! The Dairy Queen on North Loop and Zaragoza can satisfy your tastebuds that desire Orange Julius smoothies.

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