When the weather starts to get warmer we all enjoy hitting up the place with the best smoothies. Tropical Smoothie Cafe has teamed up with El Paso Locomotive FC. What do you get when a smoothie business and team link up, a new flavor dedicated to the team.

You've seen how McDonald's joined forces with J. Balvin, creating a meal they would order, and it sold. So if you were convinced to try those famous McDonald's meals then you can try El Paso Locomotive FC's smoothie. Tropical Smoothie and El Paso Locomotive FC are doing something similar to McDonald's.

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There's a new flavor in town that is the official smoothie and dedicated to our El Paso Locomotive FC. Hell, even the drink's name even sounds thrilling and delightfully fresh which can quench your thirst in the El Paso heat. The official smoothie at Tropical Smoothie dedicated to El Paso Locomotive FC is called Locolada.

The Locolada smoothie sounds like you're giving your tastebuds a taste of Hawaii. A Locolada smoothie contains bananas, coconut, and pineapple. This is something worth supporting since it is involving our local community sports team.

Besides, if you have been telling yourself you need to try something new and haven't found anything worthy, this is it. There is nothing better than showing off your hometown team's pride by drinking a Locolada smoothie. If you can't take my word for it then here's physical proof the smoothie exists, just click here. The next time you're in the mood for a smoothie get loco with it and order a Locolada at Tropical Smoothie in support of El Paso Locomotive FC. Plus, the drink won't be around for long since it is a limited-edition smoothie only available all season for $4.99.

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