There are tons of places I'm sure that sell delicious tacos that are worth going back for more. That is how I feel about the tacos from a few places around El Paso. I have my top 3 places I enjoy ordering tacos from. I also try out new places in order to find new favorites to add to my list of three. I have still been content with the 3 places I enjoy the tacos from.

There are only 3 places I always order tacos from and never experience with the other menu options. One day you will see me eating a plate of tacos at either Kiki' s, Adventure Zone, or Dairy Queen. Plus Dairy Queen has special deals on their tacos every Tuesday. I am definitely open to recommendations you think could make it on my list of favorites. Out of my 3 favorite places for tacos which do you believe has the best tacos? Share your answer by placing your two cents down in the poll below.

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