When I was younger visiting Cielo Vista Mall would mean adding a visit to either Orange Julius or Chopsticks. If we had just eaten or wasn't hungry we would buy an Orange Julius drink. But the times we were on an empty stomach and hungry we visited Chopsticks. When Chopsticks was around back in the day it was located next door to Sears across from Payless near the entrance/exit doors. Their food was beyond delightful and miss eating there. I had favorites like the wings, fish, sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, and dessert.

When I would stop to order from Orange Julius it was usually for just the drinks. They had decent snacks but I always preferred the frozen fruity drinks from Orange Julius. I was surprised Orange Julius lasted longer in CieloVista Mall than Chopsticks did. I was definitely bummed when they closed all Orange Julius locations and products. Before Starbucks and Chik Fil A took over, it was Chopsticks and Orange Julius that ran the place. If you heard about an old business reopening, which would you hope for between Chopsticks and Orange Julius?


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