You probably have been dreaming for Dairy Queen to bring a new item to the menu! I’m very excited to try the new Dairy Queen Dreamsicle-dipped cone! This new invention will have your taste buds excited about the Spring season. Dairy Queen locations in El Paso are already serving the Dreamsicle-dipped cones but not for long! The Dairy Queen off of Piedras has confirmed they’re already serving this particular dipped cone. There are already a ton of people raving about how great the Dreamsicle-dipped cone really is. Since this is meant to be a new Spring flavor, you can expect for this item not to be around for too long. So if you’re near a Dairy Queen sometime in the near future taste the Dreamsicle-dipped cone! Temperatures are slowly on the rise and this new sweet treat isn't disappointing. The only downfall about the Dreamsicle-dipped cone is we won't have it around as long as we would like.

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