I love going out but this year I made it a point that I was going to go on a diet & that would eat healthier. But if you're like me, & still want to go out to eat, sometimes it's hard knowing which places are healthy.

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Thankfully there ARE healthy restaurants in town. And with the rumor that Panera Bread is coming to El Paso, I decided to list a couple of healthy local restaurants you can go to in El Paso:

  • Pokeworks: 6951 N. Mesa. Open 7 days a week
  • Healthy Bite: 205 E Mills Ave. Open Monday-Friday
  • Eloise: Jim Ward's Restaurant located at 255 Shadow Mountain Dr. Open 7 days a week.
  • The Kitchen at 150 Sunset: Both a restaurant and event center at 150 E Sunset. Open 7 days a week.
  • Nature's Delight: An all natural food restaurant located at 1814 Montana Ave. Open Monday-Saturday
  • Ripe Eatery: Open 7 days a week at 910 E Redd Rd
  • Juicery Plus: If you like plant-based soul food, they're open Monday-Friday with 2 locations in El Paso.
  • One Grub Community: A vegan restaurant located downtown at 901 Arizona Ave. Open Wednesday-Saturday
  • El Bodoke: Located next to Bowie High School, 2120 E Paisano Dr. Open Monday-Saturday
  • Nutrismoothies & Salads: 5549 Alameda Ave. Open Monday-Friday.

And speaking of smoothies...

Smoothies are always a great choice (Just ask my girlfriend. We're both addicted to them). There's plenty of places to get smoothies: Local places include:

Fresh mango smoothie in glass on wood with outdoor background

Another honorable mention is The Green Ingredient. They're not a restaurant but they do specialize in selling healthy foods & they do out to various El Paso events around town.

The restaurants I mentioned, some have vegan options so if you're looking for strictly vegan restaurants, you can find even more options right here.

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