Here's another El Paso based bunch of Local Locos for you to check out. Especially if you like your rock a little punk-ish!

Meet Plasma Center Princess.  Here's the lowdown on them, straight from them:

A part of their own no-budget label Chaveña Records, Plasma Center Princess lives in dive bars and skeevy parties in the Juarez/El Paso region. They're currently working on their demo album "Sketchy Stereo Hi-Fi" and are looking for anyone interested in giving their not-really-pop-rock-metal-punk music a chance.

As for where that crazy name came from, Guitarist/Singer Raul said:

I needed cash and went down to a Talecris where I was kept for 8 hours and had my skin punctured and bandaged in about 5 different parts of my arms by a very cute worker. I left without being able to donate plasma feeling like some sort of weak junkie. The name came to me and I stuck with it. It finally grew on the other members lol they hated it.


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