Haa, this isn't really about me. It's just not about anyone else...not yet anyway.

I'm always writing about Local Locos at KLAQ.com, usually over big shows, CD releases or new videos. If those aren't in your band's immediate future though, don't worry. I'm going to write about everyone, project or no project.

Of course, I'll still let everyone know about the special stuff and those bands will get priority but, in the meantime, everyone needs some love. If, that is, you follow these instructions:

  • Email me (ggarza@klaq.com) a brief band bio. (NOTE: Creativity counts.)
  • Include a song and/or video if possible. (NOTE II: Don't send unmixed or crappy material. If it's not you, at your best, it'll make you look really terrible.)
  • Attach a photo. (NOTE III: The photo has to be YOURS,  ummkay? No professional shots. They cause issues with licensing and stuff and, I don't like issues.)
  • Add in anything else you want to say.

Send all that to ggarza@klaq.com please! If you have any questions, send them as well!  \m/

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