It was an epic night when Pantera, the Godzilla of their realm, got together with "son of Godzilla" for a few Blacktooths' and some good, old fashioned metal mayhem.

Pantera were an absolute powerhouse, an explosive mix of attitude, talent, gasoline and fire that, once lit, blew a new hole in the metal world.

The band, founded by the Abbott brothers - "Dimebag" Darrell and Vinnie Paul - would eventually carve themselves a place in music history and set a new metal standard.

Or, more appropriately, a new level ...

Over the years, an equally driven bunch of Local Locos from El Paso, Texas known as Pissing Razors had begun carving their own road. That road eventually crossed paths with Panteras' road and the kindred spirits clicked in an instant.

A deep and loyal friendship developed and when some of the hardcore El Pasoans  ... decided to form a tribute band in honor of the mighty Pantera, the idea was warmly embraced by the Abbott family; most notably Vinnie Paul himself. One night ... well, there  were many nights ... but one night in particular, the proverbial "lightning in a bottle" was captured.

The homies, known as the "Cowboys From Hell - Paso", performed for one of their heroes ... WITH one of their heroes.

Vinnie Paul himself not only jumped in with the band, he even gave his brothers blessing on what he saw. Fortunately, someone there that night caught the moment on video and now we can all enjoy it. Heads up though ...

The sound quality is not exactly of the highest caliber so distortion and overdrive abound. That's ok though, it's a moment in history that will never be repeated. The real need for me to caution you here lies simply in the fact that the language in Vinnie's loving nod to the Cowboys From Hell Paso ... and lead singer Matt's nod to Vinnie and the crowd  ... are both way NSFW.

Take a peek over your shoulder, then ... 'getcha' pull.


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