It was sad to see a man yelling at an El Paso police officer to kill him because he wanted to die. The El Paso officer used his words to calm the guy down from his apparent suicide attempt.

The officer remained calm and kept telling the man that it was not his time and to talk to him. When the man noticed other police officers coming around he started to get hostile and the officer talking to him kept his cool. The Live PD co-host Tom Morris Jr. also mentioned how well the officer dealt with the situation he was in. It really is a hard subject to take on and try to help someone who feels like they don't want to live anymore. The officer that was playing the therapist role said he wanted to make sure the man got the help he needed. A lot of people call our police unit pigs but this officer is proving that statement wrong. Instead of trying to find a reason to make an arrest, he told the man he was going to take him somewhere to talk to someone to get help. That clip isn't available to view yet since it was aired tonight but should be coming out soon!

This officer definitely deserves praise for lending his ears to hear out the man they were called out to handle.


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