it's been almost two years that A&E's "Live PD" has been off air; even more that "Live PD" hadn't been in El Paso.

"Live PD" went off air in the summer of 2020 in the wake of the protests against brutality. At the time, host Dan Abrams had addressed fans on Twitter saying that "Live PD" would be back when the time is right. I guess the time hasn't been right because we still haven't seen a new episode of "Live PD" since.

Of course, one of the reasons I would watch the show was because El Paso was featured on it- quickly we all became fans of the show and even becoming fans of the officers from the other towns.

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While reminiscing about the show with friends, I was reminded of this one moment in one of El Paso's hottest night spots where Officer Steven Torres had a hilarious encounter with some partygoers.

There were so many moments on "Live PD" that were memorable but this one is so hilarious, it still gets me laughing to this day, and this one was from like, three years ago! Officer Torres seems like such a chill guy and super patient, I hope he's doing well these days!

Since the show has been off air, I'm sure you've all been curious as to what El Paso's finest has been up to; while we don't have answers for all of them, one the favorites, Officer Zendejas AKA the bun of justice has certainly been up to a lot lately.

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