Recently El Paso has been the sight of many celebrities passing through & in the case of Jersey Shore, some locations were actually filmed for the new season. And of course we can't forget Live PD; the show that gave us PLENTY of memorable moments. But that got me thinking...we can easily have our ORIGNAL reality shows & I have some ideas that I think would work:

Celebrity Spottin' at L&J: Many celebrities come to visit El Paso, but out of all the locations in town, L&J Café can easily brag about having the most come & grab a drink or a bite. So with that in mind, I can possibly see them doing a show where they would sit down with celebrities who working on a project related to or around El Paso.

L&J Cafe
L&J Cafe

You could also do a spin off show where you check out some of the most popular hot spots in El Paso; locations where celebrities (like Kevin Hart) or bands (like Greta Van Fleet) are likely to hang out.

Burnin' Up El Paso: Just like how Live PD followed some of the crazy situations that El Paso Police Department would respond to, the El Paso Fire Department easily can have a show based on the insane emergencies THEY have to respond to (sometimes it's not just fighting fires). You can also see the intense training firefighters have to go through so we can better appreciate how often they put their lives on the lines.

EP Party Animals: With over 200 different species of animals (a number that's constantly getting higher), a show about the new animals at the El Paso Zoo would be interesting to see. I would love to see them talk about some of the crazy stories that happened at the zoo (like the woman who jumped in the monkey pit) or their involvement with local sports organizations like the Roller Derby Girls.

and speaking of local sports...

Hard Knocks... El Paso Style: El Paso loves sports; from our UTEP Miners football & basketball teams, the El Paso Chihuahuas, the El Paso Rhinos, the El Paso Locomotive FC & the aforementioned Roller Derby Girls, I would absolutely love to see a behind the scenes look into our local sports teams. Everything from the training, the antics of pre-game activities, all the action during & after the games... that's something I'd love to see with our existing or future sports leagues. You can also do coverage of miscellaneous events at the baseball park or Sun Bowl; concerts, Minerpalooza, Monster Jam... just to further show the local commitment El Paso has to our sports teams. Personally I think seeing THIS on my tv would've peaked my curiosity...

Only in El Paso: Anyone who's been on social media knows what FitFam El Paso is. And we all know the crazy & intriguing stories that's happening IN El Paso that gets sent in from various users. For a lot of people, that's their main source on current events or for entertainment purposes. Not to mention the endless support of local business that FitFam does. It's like TMZ but better... MUCH better. Plus they've been shown on various news stations before so their not unknown by any means.

So, for me, a tv show based on FitFam? That's a no brainer...

What's The Buzz: And finally... who hasn't wondered what the hell Buzz does after the Morning Show ends? Well if it's anything like the stories Nico has shared before, it sounds insane & chaotic... From Nico burning a frozen pizza,

Or buzz's disaster with cheese,

Buzz showing off the crazy stuff he has that's at his home, not in his studio,

And EVERYTHING ELSE we've ever heard on the Morning Show, I think we NEED to have a show dedicated to Buzz's & Nico's antics. For me... it sounds like a slam dunk to me.


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