There have been rumors for a couple of weeks now that Axl Rose is going to tour with AC/DC while Brian Johnson is sidelined. At first I scoffed at these rumors, just like I did when I first heard the rumors that Bruce Jenner was going to have a sex change operation. But, just like in the case with Bruce, I'm gradually starting to think there might be something there. Except AC/DC want to add a dick instead of subtracting one.

Jim Breuer is a comedian most famous for being on Saturday Night Live and for starring in the stoner classic Half Baked.  Breuer has done an AC/DC impersonation as part of his stand-up routine for two decades now. AC/DC were such big fans that Breuer was sort of embraced in their inner circle. In fact, it was Jim's visit to a despondent Brian Johnson that foreshadowed these Axl rumors that, again, may turn out to be true. According to Breuer, Brian Johnson was sad, not because of his health prognosis, but because the band was seeking to replace him.

So here's my idea: have Jim Breuer fill in until Brian is ready to go back out. It's brilliant! Breuer would be so thrilled to live out this fantasy that he'd never pull a no-show or a two-hour delay like Axl does. Also, Breuer loves Brian so much he's never want to make it permanent. How can we make this happen? Isn't there something on the internet where you can petition congress or raise enough money to make them do it?  I don't know much about technology.

Here's what you'd get from an Axl Rose/AC DC tour: 

It's ... okay. He's not putting anywhere near 100% into it, though.

Now, watch Breuer. He's giving everything he's got! 

That's why we've started a petition in hopes of getting President Barack Obama to step in and fight this abomination

Si, se puede, fellow AC/DC fans!