There has been a meme going around that is leading people to believe something that isn't true. The meme that has been going around features Grover Dill from A Christmas Story. The meme is claiming that Grover was played by Brian Johnson from AC/DC. I am not sure who needs to hear or read this (in this case) but Grover Dill was not played by Brian Johnson. A friend of mine shared the meme of A Christmas Story's Grover Dill from the daring scene. It's hilarious because you would think Brian Johnson did play Grover Dill because it looks like a mini younger version of him. Plus the style Grover had in the film as a kid could pass as a younger Brian Johnson version. But sadly, Grover Dill wasn't played by Brian Johnson. Grover Dill was actually played by Yano Anaya. It's unsure how this meme rumor got started in the first place, but it isn't true.

I just can't believe some people (including some of my friends) actually thought Brian Johnson played Grover Dill. So, I thought it would be a good idea to spread awareness to those who actually believe that nonsense meme. There was one film AC/DC's Brian Johnson was featured in as himself in 1997. The film that Brian Johnson had a role in was for Howard Stern's Private Parts. But one thing for sure is the meme sure did have me laughing because of how similar Grover then looks like a younger version of Brian Johnson. The video above from A Christmas Story Family YouTube channel will even show you it isn't AC/DC's Brian Johnson.

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