You don't need me to post the lyrics for the song, if you've heard it, you know exactly the line I'm talking about. But if you need a refresher on how AC/DC's Thunderstruck goes here you go.

The lyric seems pretty simple to understand: band goes through Texas, parties REALLY hard & crashing really hard afterwards.

But the question I see popping up online is...where exactly IN Texas is the band talking about? Is it referring to something that happened in the band's history or was it just a line they used because it sounded great? Well there are some very interesting theories circulating online...

AC/DC 'Rock Or Bust' World Tour Media Call
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Here are some fan theories regarding Texas in Thunderstruck

On Song-Facts, one fan says that the song is a reference to electricity & that Texas was the only state that uses the electric chair as a form of execution, that's where the song comes from (btw Texas does NOT use electric chairs anymore).

Other fan theories include the band talking about the murders of Kevin Ives & Don Henry, the teens who were killed & their bodies were laid out on the train tracks.

However there is one theory that probably is much more closer to the truth than the previous ones; the theory that the band were passing through a city in Texas (whether on their first tour in the United States) or during the 80s & just partying it up. One anonymous fan even claimed to see them pass through their hometown of Houston to stop at "one of the best topless bars in the world". And I would believe this theory even more since they filmed a live show at the Houston Summitt back in 1983 (WITH Brian Johnson) and judging by the intensity of the crowd, and the band's reputation...I would believe this theory to be the correct one.

But of course, until the band actually tells us more about their wild Texas stories, it will remain a mystery. So let's just put our horns in the air & enjoy the THUNDER!

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