"Went through to Texas, yeah, Texas, and we had some fun"...that wasn't just a line from Thunderstruck, the band really did enjoy a lot of Texas shows in the past with Brian Johnson & the late Bon Scott. Over 45 years ago, AC/DC would rock out on a stage in the United States for the very first time in Texas in 1977. In fact their first U.S. shows would all be in 4 different Texas cities on their Let There Be Rock Tour.

Which Texas cities got AC/DC first in the U.S.?

Although Jacksonville Florida was the first time AC/DC was presented to an American audience, Austin was the first time we got to see the REAL thing: on July 27, 1977. They were on tour to support the Canadian band Moxy and they were met with...almost no fanfare whatsoever. Back in the day, we didn't really know the rockin' Aussies so they almost snuck under the radar when playing in Texas. However they still played for a crowd of 1,500 at the very first show at the Armadillo World Headquarters. Anyone who went still remember fondly on amazing that show was.


Their next 3 shows would also be in Texas:

And of course, they would make many more stops in the Lone Star State after that first run including adding cities like Houston, El Paso, Fort Worth on their Texas tour throughout the years.

Thank you AC/DC for giving Texas MANY memories during your career & Rock In Peace Bon Scott.

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