In the latest episode of Rockstar 101, Shim and I are talking about AC/DC's The Razors Edge. AC/DC kicked off the Brian Johnson era with a bang, releasing Back in Black in 1980. It's one of the best selling albums of all time. But after that, there were a few "meh" albums from AC/DC. The Razors Edge was a return to the top for AC/DC, sort of. They never actually had a single go number on the Billboard Hot 100. The song that made it the highest on that list is comes from The Razors EdgeMoneytalks made it all the way up to number 23 on that list.

If you know anything about AC/DC, you know they have a very distinct sound. Some might say, all their songs sound the same. Well, the guys from AC/DC have responded to those claims. Here's a clip from the most recent episode of Rockstar 101 where Shim talks about that.

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Backtracking to the original question of this article. Do all AC/DC songs sound the same? Yeah, they do. It's AC/DC and they kick ass. But could you imagine if a band tried this today? Disturbed constantly gets bashed for always sounding the same. Godsmack was able to get out of that loop though and have found that nice groove of sounding like Godsmack but not having everything sound the same.

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