This Saturday, June 27 may be the day EPPD receives a lot of noise complaints. Now I hope you respect your neighbor and their noise tolerance during the KLAQ Backyard Bash. If you're lucky enough to have neighbors who don't mind the loud music, by all means, do as you please. Now I too can't help but crank up the volume for the music I love hearing. This Saturday my residence may or may not have the cops knocking on my door. As you've heard it this Saturday we are rolling commercial-free fantasy setlists during the KLAQ Backyard Bash. You're probably like me that can't help but turn up the volume for the bands you've seen in concert here in Chuco Town or just love hearing.

I'm not sure how my neighbors would react to me bombing them with bass since I've never had an excuse to up until now. I am wondering how many of you in the 915 will receive a noise complaint from your fellow neighbor. More importantly, I want to know what kind of neighbor manners you will choose to do at the KLAQ Backyard Bash. There are those kinds of people who can't help but crank up the volume when good music is playing. I am part of those people and have told you what manners I plan on having this Saturday. I know it isn't easy keeping the volume to a minimum when your favorite band or song comes on. Let me know what kind of manners you will show your neighbor during the KLAQ Backyard Bash below.

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