KLAQ's Party On Your Patio can help that concert depression you've been feeling lately. If you've been suffering from concert withdrawals lately this Saturday, August 1, you can get your fix.

KLAQ's Party On Your Patio will be providing the 9-hour setlist on the house.

I am so glad I enjoyed the KISS concert which was my first and probably my last for concerts for 2020. Luckily, the team I am honored to work with at KLAQ are giving those who have withdrawals their fix.

The setlist will be commercial-free to bring you that concert experience without the interruption of weird radio voices that you would usually NOT hear at a concert.

Besides the great line-up of bands, we can also look forward to bringing you exclusive interviews from musicians in Halestorm, Five Finger Death Punch, Disturbed and more!

Just recently Maria Brink showed me some love lately on the air and online. I almost had a heart attack when she hearted one of my tweets of me sporting her merch.

Another time, she gave me a shout out on the radio before introducing her new song "As Above So Below" last week.

As we're closely approaching KLAQ's Party On Your Patio had me reminiscing to 2017. In This Moment was part of the Downtown Street Festival in 2017 and I was given a very special task to interview the rock goddess and frontwoman of In This Moment, Maria Brink.

I was honored to conduct this interview with my woman crush before  In This Moment took the stage at our 2017  Downtown Street Festiva.

I had to do my research and think of questions to ask that any hardcore fan would want to know. Maria Brink and I have one thing in common which is being a rock n' roll mama.

One of my interview questions was asking what kind of music she and her son enjoy jamming out to. You can hear what Maria Brink had to say about her new album (Ritual) then and how she has a girly and tomboy side too. I

'm unsure why it muted out the parts I asked Maria Brink questions but you can still enjoy what she had to say.

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