Every year on September 28th is National Be a Good neighbor day. In honor of this event, I thought about all the ways to be a good El Paso neighbor.

One thing I tell everyone when I say I'm from El Paso is that El Paso is full of some of the nicest most polite people you could ever meet. So I have a few opinions on how we El Pasoans can be even BETTER neighbors without being so nice and gullible.

Here are the top five ways to be a good neighbor in El Paso Texas in MY OPINION:

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Cussing Goes a Long Way

Try cussing your neighbors out more, especially around their children or the elderly. That goes a long way in establishing a bond and building up barriers they won't ever want to cross again.


Yelling Man
Photo by Dmitry Vechorko on Unsplash

Keep Your Veggies to Yourself

Make sure your neighbors don't know you have a garden with plenty of vegetables or herbs or that you bake delicious pies otherwise they'll end up asking for something.


Crate of Vegetables
Photo by Zoe Schaeffer on Unsplash

Surprise Pets

Do not introduce your neighbors to your pets so it comes as a surprise every time they come over or walk by and your pets can do their job, keeping strangers away.


Barking Dog
Photo by Robert Gramner on Unsplash

Getting a Little Too Personal

Ask them who they recommend for a service like medical preemptive vasectomies or some other type of invasive very personal thing, that way they are a little weirded out and won't ask for your opinion ever again.


Invasive Doctor
Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash

Build Up Those Walls

Build a fence, a really tall one, or plant some really tall bushes like oleanders, that way your house is a mystery to anybody walking by especially the would-be cat burglars. In the end, fences do make GREAT neighbors.

Red Brick Wall
Photo by Asher Ward on Unsplash

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