El Paso would benefit from having a Haunted Holiday Netherworld Haunted House. I would be a customer but not for my pleasure. I would take a stroll with my son through it explaining why he should try not to be on the naughty list. I'm positive my son would remember that horrific moment forever and try his best to behave from then on. Just think of how many parents can benefit from a Netherworld Haunted House. All children would be very curious to know about the consequences of their name written on the naughty side. Not only would it help out parents but also excite the Halloween lovers! Come on, let's be honest here and agree that a lot of El Pasoans love A Nightmare Before Christmas that mixes two holidays. I am also positive a lot of high schoolers would pay more than a few visits to the Haunted Holiday Netherworld Haunted House. Would you use this as a source on your kids to find some peace during the holidays? Vote your opinion down below!

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