A Japanese tire company doesn't only play on the fear of you having bad tires during a snowstorm but the fear of you running into a horrific urban legend.

We have Bloody Mary and La Llorona stories to scare little kids here in America but in Japan, they have Kuchisake-onna. The legend of "The Slit-Mouthed Woman' tells of a woman was mutilated and murdered by her husband and now her spirit wanders looking to slit people's mouths from ear to ear, to share in her pain.

The commercial is a little hard to understand since it is in Japanese but the video is pretty easy to understand. When you're driving down a dark and snowy road, if you see a creepy woman standing in the middle of the road, you better have awesome tires to escape from her.

This commercial is pretty creepy but I bet it will make you think twice about checking your tires. You can also use it to scare any children that won't stop singing some Miley song.


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