Many television commercials don’t make sense. Sometimes, solely for my own amusement, I like to break-down commercials we’ve all seen and deeply analyze them like one would a movie or a Kanye tweet. Here’s one that ran non-stop over the holidays AND that my mother specifically mentioned as one she “really liked”. Here is the G.M.C Denali Holiday ad…deconstructed.

OK, first things first. He gave her a puppy. And she gave him a forty thousand dollar pickup. I mean, it looks like an expensive puppy but…this is a prime example of why couples should have an agreed upon price range for gifts. Marriages have ended over less.

How did he A.) train a puppy to, against every instinct, sit alone in the snow and B.) respond on cue to a whistle? If the dog is that smart maybe it IS in the same price range as a 2020 Sierra.

How long did that puppy have to just wait, shivering, in the cold?

Did SHE pay a guy to wait and drive up in the Sierra on cue? If so, how would he have known that a whistle was the cue? Did the guy who drove the truck have to walk back in the snow? Because he’s nowhere to be seen.

OR…do the new GMCs come with self-driving technology? Can they be programmed to come when whistled at? Does it HAVE to be that two-fingered style whistling? Because I can’t whistle like that so it would be a deal-breaker for me.

What’s the button she pushes underneath the tail-gate? Does it just play Jingle Bells when you push it? Can it play any other songs? Why would you put ANY control, but especially a Jingle Bells button, on the BACK of the truck UNDER the tail-gate?

I’m re-watching the guy’s reaction at :16 and it makes a lot more sense. That’s not a “hey, what a cool gift” face. That’s an “oh, crap. I have SERIOUSLY screwed up and will probably

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