Everyone's allowed their own opinion especially when it comes to the commercial that was banned from CBS. There is a lot of controversy about an ad being pulled from airing on CBS during Super Bowl. Now, I saw the advertisement and didn't see anything wrong that would require skipping it. In the video you see a few people giving their testimony about helping someone they love suffer less. Their main focus was to paint you a picture of how difficult it is to see someone you love be living in pain. If I were in their shoes, I would be all for legalizing medical marijuana. If there's something natural that is guaranteed to help a relative live pain-free, you would be for it. Because you wouldn't want a prescribed pill that contains all kinds of chemicals causing a death. Now I also can see why CBS decided to pull this advertisement since the ad does support the use of medical marijuana. Since I was a child I considered CBS the "wholesome family channel" and also see their point.

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