The demolition of the Asarco Towers was a major event. It was so major that a lot of El Pasoans (including me) made sure we could see it all go down. I remember that Saturday morning clear as day, do you? Hell, I even remember the traffic surrounding UTEP just the night before. There were a lot of us parking near the Sun Bowl to take pictures of the Asarco Towers.

Demolition of the Asarco Towers

I was a part of that crowd and had pictures of my son taken with the towers in the background. I actually ending up covering for someone who didn't show up for their shift one night. I had somewhat of a view of the Asarco Towers from the station. I remember stepping outside with a co-worker who relieved me the next morning. On Saturday, April 13 there was a ton of traffic that filled up North Mesa Street. The street was awfully crowded for it being 6 in the morning. You have an idea of how far the radio station is from the towers in the picture above. I'll never forget that day and remember the loud boom we heard as we watched the Asarco Towers collapse. You can see the photos I have from that weekend that the Asarco Towers were demolished.


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