There were a ton of us who showed support during a couple of demolitions. Just the evening before I recall lots of El Pasoans admiring the view before it changed from Sun Bowl Stadium.

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Before I start storytelling cue in the perfect music from AC/DC above. There were a lot of families also out capturing some important moments. How do I know this you ask, well I was also out there with my family, getting pictures.

My sister's husband Steven brought his camera to take some pictures. Because let's face it, we all enjoy a little blast from the past on occasion.

We all went out at the right time, which was at sunset. Anyone else who also admired Asacol Towers before demolition got great pictures.

Steven P. got a great one of my son Isaiah with a sunset and the Asarco Towers. The night before the demolition I had worked overnight at the station and had somewhat of a decent view of the Asarco Towers.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

I am glad I at least got to see and hear the demolition of the Asarco Towers. But I have to hand it to Kyle Barnes for capturing a darn good view of the demolition you can see below.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to catch the demolition of the former El Paso City Hall. Although I will say the demolition of El Paso City Hall had a touch of sparkle thanks to the mirror windows.

You can see what I mean from a video The Loizeaux Group LLC. captured and shared on YouTube below. The video below shows all sorts of angles far and close of the El Paso City Hall demolition.

But I want to know which demolition you thought was the best in the West. If you got to see both demolitions then it shouldn't be hard for you to answer the poll below. Pick which demolition was the best to watch happen in El Paso between Asarco Towers and El Paso City Hall's old building.

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