Today is the anniversary of when the Asarco Towers were demolished. It was April 13, 2013, when lots of locals woke up extra early to find a good spot to watch the towers go down. The Asarco Towers were a huge part of El Paso's history.

A lot of El Pasoans showed their support the day the towers were scheduled to be demolished. That morning I had picked up an extra shift working from midnight until 6 am. Luckily, our KLAQ studio had a decent view of the Asarco Towers that you will see in the pictures below.

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That morning there was a lot of traffic on N. Mesa St. due to the number of people who wanted to see all the action. Some locals were sad to see the iconic smokestacks demolished. The people that were sad to see the towers go obviously had a tie to them. The tie some people had to the towers was through a relative that once worked there.

It was sad to see them go since they had been around for so long. But for some people, they were happy and cheering about the towers being demolished. The reason for some cheering was because relatives who worked there had died due to asbestos.

Besides how long they had been around the orange and white striped tower was taller than St. Louis Arch and the Washington Monument. If you were unable to catch the action then, Kyle Barnes shared his footage that you can see above. But today a lot of us will always remember it as demolition day for the Asarco Towers.

Asarco Towers Remembered

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