I posted a list of songs that I think represent 2020 in August at KLAQ.com.

As we wind down the last few days of the year, here is side 2 of that 2020 playlist.

Side 1 of my 2020 soundtrack was mostly inspired by all the crap we've been through and the songs reflected that. From toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages to murder hornets, riots, wildfires, and earthquakes ... and, that's not all that happened ... it has been a long, stressful, crazy ride.

The year did have its' good moments though, and 2021 ... I pray .. will bring plenty more.

Therefore, I think side 2 should have a more upbeat tone ...

  • New Years Day - U2. It may not have been inspired by the brightest of times but it is a song of hope and that's what we need to start 2021 with...hope.
  • Ohms - Deftones. It's about change and, given the lessons learned in 2020, I hope 2021 is loaded with positive change.
  • Shot In The Dark - AC/DC. I picked this song because, to me, it represents moving on from a bad situation. They lost Malcolm Young last year but, used music he had previously written on their new album thus finding some happiness and normalcy in their sadness. We will too.
  • Under The Graveyard - Ozzy. Ozzy's lived a fast and rough life, as depicted in the video. Regardless, at 71, he's still not "in" the graveyard and he's still making kickass albums. If he's ok after 50 years of abuse, we'll be ok after one year.
  • Alive - P.O.D. This one is about appreciating what you have and not taking things for granted. 'Nuff said.
  • National anthem. No matter what, we must remember who we are and how strong we are. Especially when we pull together.

So, there you go. Side 2 of my 2020 soundtrack.

A little more upbeat and far less cynical than side 1 but just as meaningful. If not more so.

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