After this past weekend, I am now a firm believer in perfect timing! Now ever since that show started airing, I've been paranoid anytime a cop is near me. This past weekend I clocked out and left my second gig just in time. When I was rolling out my friend who I used to work at DeadBeach Brewery informed me I left just in time.

Apparently, a fight broke out on the patio.

Do know this was the very first altercation to occur at the craft beer joint since they've been open?

Now If I would have stayed to hang out a little bit longer and have a beer I would have made a cameo on Live PD. The only time someone wouldn't mind being on Live PD is if they're an innocent bystander. I

am a huge fan and watch Live PD religiously when I am not working. The only time it would be okay to be spotted on the cop show is if you are 100% innocent.

They may show a recap of the episode whenever they revive the show.

I think if the camera came in my direction I would have dodged it still! But I was enjoying a Berrybreaker beer after I finished my shift and glad I called it an early night. I left just in time since someone on the patio got into a verbal disagreement and glasses were thrown. After the situation, the cops were called and Live  PD showed up when I was already on the road. I kind of regret missing my shot at confessing my love for the show and Sargeant Sticks!

You Had to Be There: El Paso Edition

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