The weekend has finally arrived and these remedies could possible help your hangover over the weekend! Some of the Buzzfeed staff tested out Asian food and drinks that are known to help cure a hangover.

Buzzfeed Video picked the right kind of people for this particular experiment. They all partied hard the night before at their company party and had to try a variety of hangover cures. Some of the taste test victims agreed with what they swallowed while the others didn't quite approve. One plate that was served definitely had the Buzzfeed crew frown when they had to move on from the stew to the next remedy. After trying a variety of these Asian hangover cures they did notice their hangover was slowly subsiding. Everyone has their own way of dealing with a hangover but doesn't hurt to try something new that could possibly help.

If you're planning on having a wild night with friends this weekend then try to see if one of these Asian hangover cures will be your savior!

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