No matter the time of year or where you are, you can DEFINITELY get the flu in Texas. Usually flu season is from October to May, you can sick at any time. So it's important to have medicine; if you don't have any, you can always try some homemade remedies. Now of course I absolutely recommend go seeing a doctor if you're sick; but if you can't and need to stay at home, here are some to give you temporary relief.

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Here are some Texas homemade remedies for you.

John Raven from Texas Cooking listed some classic recipes for handling a cold, flu or a fever. One is the Therapeutic Chicken Soup; which is basically a form of chicken soup where you take a piece of chicken & place it in about 2 inches of water. Add a cup of chopped onion & a cup of chopped celery, a teaspoon of black pepper & a teaspoon of salt. Remove the chicken & let it cool. Dice the chicken in small pieces & add it into 2 cups of reserved broth.

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Other remedies listed include boiling peach tree leaves or button willow roots to make tea for fighting a fever. You can also use slicing onions and placing them on your feet to fight a fever too. You can see many more recipes here listed by John on Texas Cooking's website.

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The Houston Chronicle also listed their OWN homemade remedies; using wild cherry bark syrup can be a good way to fight colds, coughs or bronchitis (it's not recommended if you're pregnant however). Steam is also a good way to clear congestion, so taking a warm shower before going to bed is recommended.

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Garlic not only keeps the vampires away, but it fights off respiratory infections too. Ginger is commonly used for fighting off nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, morning sickness, gas, bloating, indigestion, & diarrhea. The other things the Houston Chronicle recommended is taking Vitamin C & getting plenty of sleep.

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Tero Vesalainen

Of course living in El Paso, we have our OWN homemade remedies too. Fellow El Pasoan, Yvette Marquez posted some of her own personal homemade remedies on her website called Muy Bueno.

Some of the most common ones she listed was:

  • Using Vapor Rub on your chest or feet if you have a cold or flu,
  • Soaking a towel with a homemade green rubbing alcohol and placed it on my forehead for a fever,
  • Drinking hot herbal teas for a stomachache
  • & Breaking an egg into a cup of water & placing the glass under the bed to ward away the Evil Eye.

There's also the use of using medical plants to fight illness too; Texas has at least 11 different ones that people can find. Or you can always take a shot of whiskey. A little bit of whiskey can help clear mucus in your chest & sinuses. Just make sure you don't drink TOO much...

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Of course if you STILL feel sick, whether it's a cold, a fever or a flu, the absolute best thing to do is see a doctor. There's no better source on how to get better than seeing an expert. But hey, sometimes you need something to hold you over right?

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