I am ALWAYS talking about what it would be like to win the Texas Lottery. The odds of winning are not as easy as winning the Q Cash Code. Unfortunately, I cannot play the Q Cash Code since I am employed here. Now the Q Cash Code isn’t exactly the amount you would win like the lottery but it sure is a good lump sum.

You don’t have to pay to play the Q Cash Code, just have KLAQ playing on your radio during 10:15, 11:15 am, and 1:15 pm. If I had the opportunity to participate in the Q Cash Code I’m not sure what decision I would roll with if I won. I have all sorts of ideas for what I would do if I won some extra cash easily and legally. If I could play the Q Cash Code and won $5,000 means I would do what I have always wanted to do with my son. Below is a list of things I would splurge part of that five grand on.

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    Disneyland Hotel and Park

    As a child, I had always wondered what it was like to be able to stay at the Disneyland hotel. I have been to Disneyland and California Adventure with my family but never stayed at the hotel. I wouldn’t mind spending easy money I won from the Q Cash Code on a couple of nights stay and enjoy the happiest place on Earth. It’s about $500 a night to stay at the Disneyland Hotel so I would plan to stay for two nights. Then the shopping and food expenses would probably be another $500 we would spend at the park.

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    Deftones Concert

    The next idea I had on how to use some of the big winnings from the Q Cash Code would be taking my son to see the Deftones in concert. Now I wouldn’t just buy regular tickets to see the Deftones. I would plan on purchasing the VIP package which would include a meet and greet. I have been wanting to take him to a Deftones concert for the longest time. The Deftones VIP package usually runs for $600 at their concerts. I would also probably go nuts at the merchandise table buying t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and more for us.