Of all the rock stars I've met, this has got to be the coolest story behind the meeting!

Short of the actual breaking and entering thing that I'm still not allowed to discuss that is .....

Anyway; picture long haired, metal head me wandering around a tiny town in east Texas with a small and decidedly "not" metal population.  After a rather interesting encounter at the local liquor store (that is a whole other story!), I set off with my Mom to a family reunion.  (I went along on this trip to keep her company and help her with the long drive more than anything else as I had never met any of these people.)

Trying to entertain myself in a sea of cowboy hats, I suddenly see a kindred spirit!  In walks a guy with about 4 feet of dread locks, a ton of ink and a beer.  This particular reunion it turns out, is also a birthday party for this guys Grandmother.  (The sweetest lady you could ever meet!)

My Moms tie to this??  The birthday girl is her former Mother-In-Law and my new friend it seems is the nephew of my Moms first husband!  A long lost Primo!!

We hit it off pretty quickly, have a few beers together and ... upon finding out I'm in radio ... he tells me he's in a band!

Who could this tattoed mystery man be??

I'll tell you later!!  Check out my next post around 2:00pm here at KLAQ.com!!

(Some of you out there have already heard this story ... don't give up the ending!!!!!!!)