I did a previous blog about Metallica's bass players now, let's look at the guitarists!

Metallica are no strangers to lineup changes with guitarist James Hetfield being one of only two original members.  (For a rundown of the bass players, click here.)  As for the guitarists...

The most well-known ex is Dave Mustaine. The ax - man was unceremoniously "axed" from Metallica in 1983. He went on to form Megadeth, one of the bands known as the "Big 4 of Metal".

His replacement, Kirk Hammett, left the band Exodus to join Metallica and has been with them ever since.

Another name that has figured prominently in Metallica history is John Marshall. John, who was Kirk Hammett's guitar tech, became Metallica's rhythm guitarist on two occasions during two tours. He filled in for James Hetfield once when Hetfield broke his wrist skateboarding and again while Hetfield recovered from severe hand and arm burns. (The result of a pyrotechnics goof up ... see the video below ... that damn near killed him.)

They've gotten together again here and there over the years.

In addition to teching and playing for Metallica, Marshall also played in Metal Church and Blind Illusion.

Metallica's current lineup visit the Don Haskins Center February 28th, 2019. Tix available via Ticketmaster as of 3/2/18.

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