Hey, you're back!  Guess it's after 2 huh??  Great to see you again; here's part II of the story!!

Ok, I won't drag it out any longer; turns out my new "Cuz" is Chris Howorth of In This Moment

He mentions the band, I tell him I'm in radio and the rest is history!  They've been through El Paso a few times on their own tours, once on the Warped Tour and I've had them on my show a couple of times. 

Chris is a great guitarist and Maria (singer) is one of the nicest ... and at the same time most bad ass ... people I've ever met.  The whole band kicks some major ass!  See for yourself; here's the video for their new song "Blood".

Maria recently had surgery and some tour dates were cancelled.  Hopefully though she'll heal quick, they'll get back on the road soon and then bring that killer In This Moment show to us here in El Paso!  I'll keep you posted!