Porn stars do to, but I'm saving that for a future post.  Today, we give the "olympic diver treatment" to another elite group!

What better mugs to ponder than those of our axe wielding heroes! 

Check out some of the best as they experience that sublime/exciting/blissful/sexual ... sometimes seemingly painful ... moment when they and the solo become one!  (Some of these look like they may have been taken in the bathroom. You be the judge.)

LOCAL SHREDDERS!!  How about you guys? 

Got a cool/funny/awesome pic??  (Or just want to mess with one of your bandmates??) Send 'em over ... I will TOTALLY do a part 2 of this for you here at!!

AlexxD, Years Of Cold, 3rd Edge, Aftermath, Scordatura Vita, Texas Roadkill.  I've known some of you guys the longest so I'll start with you!  I'd love to have EVERY local band in on this though!  I'll even throw in a pic of myself looking goofy. (Granted, mine all look goofy as hell but still. I'll put something up to!) That way we all get laughed at .. or pick up new groupies cuz we're that damn hot .. together!!

First 15 of you to email me a pic (all band members are eligible!) will make the list AND I'll add the date(s) of your next gig(s) to the post so that everyone can come see you make faces for real!