If you've ever wondered why your favorite axemen always play the same guitars, here are some of the reasons!

Some guitars have become as iconic as the guy playing them.  Zakk Wylde and his "bullseye" Gibsons, ZZ Top and the "fuzzy" axes, Paul McCartneys Hofner or the GT Glenn Tipton of Judas Priest plays.  They alone can make you "feel' a song or recall a particular concert or video.  (Remember the babes that accompany ZZ Top and the fuzzy guitars? Or that sick 1933 Ford they used!!)

Who can't immediately picture the smoke billowing, pyro shooting guitar Ace Frehley of Kiss always used or Gene Simmons "axe" bass? How about Jimmy Pages' double neck?

Did you know one of Zakks guitars fell off the truck and was found much later by a fan in a pawn shop?

Or that Brian May of Queens famous red guitar was built by him and his Dad when he was a kid?  (They were to poor to buy one.  It took them two years and is made of household objects they found like bicycle parts, a knife and wood they salvaged from a mantle that .. back in the 60's ... was already 100 years old!)