Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads were just hitting their stride when Randy was killed on this day in 1982.

A quick flight/joyride to snap some aerial photos of their tour bus went wrong when the plane accidentally clipped the bus and was hurled into a nearby mansion.

The pilot, the bands hairdresser and one of the most most innovative guitarists in rock/metal history ... in music history for that matter ... were all killed instantly.

Randy blazed new trails for everybody and never quit learning himself, constantly seeking out instructors all along his tours.  If you're unfamiliar with Randy, I found a top 10 list of Randys best work to get you started.  And to remind the rest of us.

Putting that list together must have been a bee-atch.  I can't think of anything Randy did that I wouldn't put on a favorites list, his career being cut so tragically short.

("Mr. Crowley" made it.  That's the song Ozzy himself has said contained Randys (and his own) favorite solo.   My favorite also made the list, "Revelation (Mother Earth)".  I love the way it builds and builds and builds, then explodes into "Steal Away The Night"!)

You changed metal forever Randy and your influence lives on still ... RIP.