The use of AI is still a new thing in 2023 but people have used it in very creative ways: from writing music, coming up with concept art or in this case, coming up with what Texans look like. That's what one TikTok user did & his videos have been getting very popular on social media. So if you're curious on what an AI thinks Texans look like, now we know.

What made the Texas AI video?

The TikTok user TexasHumor posted a video on what Texans would look like according to an AI this week. Already the video has gained over half a million views. In the video he included various colleges like Texas A&M & Baylor as well as huge cities like Houston, San Antonio, Lubbock,  Fort Worth, Austin & Dallas.

And that was just part ONE.

There's now a part 2 with MORE Texas cities

On May 2nd, part 2 was released & it has over 400k views & over 50k likes currently. To continue this AI journey through Texas we know can see what Galveston, Waco, Port Aransas, Fredericksburg, Plano, Spring, West Texas, The Woodlands, Denton, Corpus Cristi & finally...El Paso. And as an added bonus, the AI even described what a Dallas Cowboys & Houston Texan fan looks like.

Now speaking on the accuracy of El Paso...I'd say the AI sorta got it right. I only wish though my hair was as glorious as "Rosa's" (perhaps the AI got the idea from Rosa's Cantina?). It's very interesting seeing these depictions; I'm sure we'll see even more as time goes on.

If you want to see more Texas TikTok videos, you can see what the most liked El Paso videos you can find on TikTok here.

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